Certificate of Good Practices of the Polish Tourist Organization (PTO), which aims to support the tourism industry affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, promote the highest quality tourist services and distinguish entrepreneurs operating in accordance with applicable regulations.

In the first edition of the project, which took place in 2021, only tourist entities participating in the Polish Tourist Voucher program were subject to certification. 2.5 thousand entrepreneurs from all over Poland took part in it, and 1,548 leaders were awarded the certificate, who ensured responsible and family-friendly recreation of domestic tourism.

The current edition of the POT Good Practices Certificate continues the assumptions of the first edition of the project, while introducing certification categories from the Hygienically Safe Facility and Safe MICE Facility programs. The new edition of the project has been developed on the basis of the experience and solutions developed during last year’s edition, taking into account the expectations of entrepreneurs and representatives of institutions in the tourism industry.

n 2022, the POT Certificate of Good Practices project enables certification also for entities that do not participate in the Polish Tourist Voucher program, but operate in Poland and meet the assumptions of one of the following categories:

  1. Traveling with children
  2. Barrier-free tourism
  3. Tourism in rural areas
  4. Health tourism
  5. Sustainable tourism
  6. Secure MICE Facility
  7. Safe Hygienic Facility

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