During autumn events in Italy, aimed at promoting Poland and Wrocław, thanks to the involvement of members of the Wrocław Tourist Organization and the provision of vouchers for stays in hotels, attractions and restaurants along with materials and gadgets, it was possible to present Wrocław’s interesting tourist offer and encourage people to come.

In September, an event was held in Bari, during which the Foreign Center of the Polish Tourist Organization in Rome could present to the gathered representatives of the tourism industry the rich tourist offer of Poland, in particular cities connected by direct flights from Bari, including Wrocław. It was one of many activities planned as part of a campaign aimed at the industry on the Italian market. Thanks to partners from the Wrocław Tourist Organisation, at the end of the event a voucher for the HP PARK PLAZA hotel in Wrocław was presented.

The next event in which ZOPOT took part in Rome was a B2B workshop in Turin, organized as part of the UNESCO World Tourism Event cultural and heritage tourism fair.

During meetings with representatives of the Italian tourism industry, the Foreign Center of the Polish Tourist Organisation in Rome promoted Poland’s tourist offer, in particular attractions related to cultural heritage and places included on the UNESCO list. The Centennial Hall complex aroused great interest and admiration. Thanks to the courtesy of Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant, invitations were distributed along with a cash voucher to be used at Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant and tickets for the whole family to Kolejkowo.


In Milan, a B2B workshop “BUY MICE” was held, addressed to organizers of congress, MICE and incentive travel. The Polish tourist offer enjoyed great interest during table meetings with representatives of the Italian tourism industry. JAN-POL DMC took part in the workshop together with the Foreign Center of the Polish Tourist Organisation.

The materials prepared by Convention Bureau-Wrocław in the form of a presentation delivered on pendrives were downloaded in their entirety.

We would like to thank all members of the Wrocław Tourist Organisation who provided materials and vouchers for ZOPOT in Rome.

In spring 2024, we will prepare materials for shipment to Italy for the third time.

We invite you to cooperate!