Illustracja dla członka WROt: Hydropolis


Hydropolis is a unique knowledge center that combines educational values with a modern exhibition form. It discovers the processes in which water is involved – an extraordinary substance with which each of us contact every day, but not everyone is aware of its essence.

The multimedia technologies gathered here, interactive installations, faithful replicas and models as well as information-rich touch screens serve one purpose: to show water from different, fascinating perspectives.

Hydropolis consists of 9 thematic zones, where visitors can see how the longest water printer in Europe works, enter the legendary Trieste bathyscaphe, admire the most accurate copy of David’s sculpture in the world and discover Wrocław from a bird’s eye view thanks to the most modern model in Poland.

Hydropolis is also a unique example of the revitalization of a post-industrial facility. The exhibition is located in a historic underground clean water tank. The facility was built in 1893 and is one of the monuments of Wroclaw water supply architecture.

Projekty i działania z Hydropolis

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