General Meeting of Members

WROt networking

Sztuka na Miejscu 15, 2024

On February 15, 2024, The Members of Wrocław Tourism Organisation gathered at the general meeting of mhe members, which was combined with WROt networking.

During the general meeting of WROt Members, Alfred Wagner, President of the Wrocław Tourism Organiation, presented the substantive and financial plan for 2024. The substantive plan for 2024 of the Wrocław Tourism Organisation Association reflects the provisions of the Tourism Development Program for Wrocław for 2024-2030.

The Tourism Development Program for Wrocław for 2024-2030 is based on the areas of tourism change for Wrocław (the so-called 5W), constructed on the basis of the UN areas of transformational change in accordance with the 2030 Agenda for diversified development. The diversified development of Wrocław tourism includes:


After the official part of the meeting, we started WROt networking. This is the fourth edition of our series of meetings.

The gathered guests were welcomed by the representative and host of Vertigo Jazz Club&Restaurant and Art on-site, Mr. Andrzej Rzeźwicki. He performed a presentation about the activities of Art on Site, which is a space combining a cafe, gallery and event venue.

In the next part of the meeting, we welcomed New Members of WROt – Piwnica Świdnicka – the oldest restaurant in Europe, Hard Rock Cafe – a modern restaurant in the heart of historic Wrocław and Wrocmania – a tourist and event office. We count on good cooperation for the development of tourism in Wrocław.

Thanks to the courtesy of Vertigo Jazz club & Restaurant, at the end of our meeting we had the opportunity to learn the secrets of mixology during bartending training.

We are already waiting for the next meeting of the Members of the Wrocław Tourism Organisation, which is scheduled for April this year.