One of the most popular Polish comics, which is often called “Polish Asterix and Obelix” both in Poland and abroad, has been included in the core curriculum of primary schools for 3 years. Its potential was appreciated by, among others, the American Netflix service, where the animation “Kajko i Kokosz” is available, based on the iconic notebooks of Janusz Christa.

Thanks to the scenography exhibition “The Slavic World of Kajek and Kokosz” organized by the Zajezdnia History Center in Wrocław, you can literally move into the world of these two bravest Slavic warriors!

This is a great opportunity to move into the comic book world created by Janusz Christa, visit Mirmiłowo, see for yourself the power of Łamignat’s Club or sit the Hegemon on his throne. Thanks to tangible participation, the story of Kajek and Kokosz will stimulate the senses of the youngest and allow them to better absorb the comic book reading, while the older ones will go back in time to their childhood years and remind them how important memories and carefree joy are.

Well, see for yourself! The exhibition is available until November 3 at the Zajezdnia History Center in Wrocław. Details can be found at:

The Wrocław Tourism Organisation took patronage over this exhibition.