The numbers don’t lie – Wrocław recorded an almost 7% increase in the number of tourists using accommodation compared to the previous year, which almost equaled the results from 2018. There is a visible trend in which the city is slowly achieving results from before the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Today, at the Pan Tadeusz Museum, research on the tourism industry was presented and tourism in Wrocław in 2023 was summarized.

– We constantly strive to strengthen our position as a key center of culture, science and tourism, not only in Poland, but also in Europe. The increase in the number of tourists, especially in the context of the difficult recent years, is proof of the attractiveness and openness of our city. We are proud that Wrocław enjoys unflagging interest and we believe that the coming years will bring further records, said Jacek Sutryk, the President of City of Wrocław.

Increased interest of domestic and foreign tourists

In 2023, Wrocław was visited by many more tourists than in 2022. December in particular turned out to be the month when the number of tourists using Wrocław’s accommodation facilities was the highest in history, mainly due to the Christmas Market. During this time, 115,000 guests used Wrocław’s accommodation facilities. Moreover, the percentage of foreign tourists increased to 26%, which is better than the national average (21%). Domestic tourism also maintains a strong position, being only 2% lower than in the record 2019.

– Our promotional strategies and hard work on improving the city’s tourist offer are bringing results. We are particularly pleased with the increase in the number of foreign tourists, which proves the international recognition of Wrocław as a friendly place, full of culture and history. However, we do not rest on our laurels and we plan further activities that will further increase the attractiveness of Wrocław, added Alfred Wagner, President of the Wrocław Tourism Organisation.

The biggest tourist attractions in Wrocław are breaking popularity records

The Wrocław ZOO, which enjoys constant interest, was visited by 7% more guests in 2023 than last year – a total of 1.7 million people, and this number is also 15% higher than in 2019. The Panorama of the Battle of Racławice has experienced a spectacular increase in popularity, with a 43% increase in visitor numbers compared to 2022, also surpassing 2019 levels. In turn, over 2 million guests visited the Wrocław Aquapark in 2023, which was even more popular than in 2022.

Hydropolis (400,000 people) and Kolejkowo (230,000 people) also recorded an increase in the number of guests. The total number of tourists visiting the main attractions of Wrocław in 2023 (ZOO, The Panorama of the Battle of Racławice , Kolejkowo and Hydropolis) amounted to over 2.6 million tourists.

Increase in air traffic

The numbers of the Wrocław Airport also prove the great attractiveness of Wrocław as a tourist destination. Last year, further air connections were launched, including: to Seoul and Valencia. Wrocław Airport ended 2023 with the highest number of passengers served in history. Record results in each subsequent month amounted to a total of 3.9 million passengers!

Moreover, the number of passengers arriving at Wrocław Airport in 2023 increased by an impressive 36% compared to 2022, which is the best result in the last four years. July and August in particular attracted the most passengers, confirming Wrocław as an attractive place not only for domestic but also foreign tourists.

Challenges and prospects

Even though Wrocław’s tourist market is developing intensively, the city faces the challenge of fully regaining the level of foreign tourists before the pandemic. However, dynamic growth in various tourism segments and the growing popularity of key attractions provide strong grounds for optimism.

Wrocław, competing with Gdańsk (4.1 million tourists in 2023) for the position of the third most popular tourist destination in Poland, after Warsaw (10 million tourists in 2023) and Krakow (9.4 million tourists in 2023), continues its promotional activities and investments in tourist infrastructure. The city invites everyone to experience its unique character, rich history, culture and unique attractions, which together create an unforgettable offer for visitors from the country and around the world. Last year, the city prepared a unique campaign “Wrocław City of Adventure” addressed to domestic and foreign tourists, in which the famous actor Daniel Olbrychski took part. Last month, the spot promoting the campaign was awarded at a prestigious festival in Warsaw in the best tourist spot category.