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The longer and longer days and the warm rays of the sun remind us that spring is fastly approaching 🙂 This is the perfect time to plan outdoor time and try adventures with City Boats, a Wrocław shipowner that organizes tourist cruises on solar catamarans on the Oder River. These are electric boats, powered by solar energy, with zero noise and environmentally harmful emissions. A solar catamaran cruise is not only a way to relax. It is also an opportunity to learn more about the history of the city and its monuments.

For connoisseurs of food and good music, we offer the summer gastronomic festival Gastro Miasto, where Wrocław restaurants offer specialties from cuisines from around the world. The chefs serve dishes outdoors in interesting places and the time is made more pleasant by Wroclaw musicians and DJs.

However, if you are looking for an original idea for a dinner and want to feel the underwater atmosphere of the Africarium, nothing could be easier! In the space of the Mozambique Tunnel, Event Zoone – Fine Food Service will prepare unique dinners ideal for company and family meetings or a romantic evening for two.

The aromatic herb garden of the Herbal Hotel, modeled on the Baroque formal gardens, will also put us in a romantic mood. In the past, the building housed a historic monastery and the present interiors are full of references to the history of this building. In the 300-year-old cellar of the hotel, there is now an atmospheric Winery.

Shopping experience and more 😉 will be provided by the unique Wroclavia Shopping Centre, which has gained immense popularity among Wrocław residents and tourists in a short time. The excellent results were confirmed by the silver PRCH Awards statuette awarded in 2020 in the “Best Performance Shopping Center” category. In 2021, Wroclavia received a bronze statuette for activities for the benefit of residents in the prestigious Golden Clips competition.

The National Institute of Ossolinski is one of the most important cultural institutions in Poland, operating continuously for over 200 years. Since its inception, it has guarded the national identity of the society, building a collection of heritage elements that are important for many generations and disseminating information about the collections and history of the state.

Mikołaj Kopernik Airport in Wrocław offers nearly 90 connections in the summer season. It is one of the most dynamically developing airports in Europe. The forecast for 2023 shows that the volume of passenger traffic will exceed the level recorded so far in 2019.