On October 13th, in the picturesque surroundings of Hydropolis in the heart of Wrocław, a remarkable conference took place. The aim of this conference was to present the results of tourism research and gather members of the Wrocław Tourism Organization, bringing together representatives of the tourism industry, partners, and enthusiasts.

The conference, which was held in the stunning complex of Hydropolis, provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the findings of research conducted by the Wrocław Tourism Organization and Convention Bureau – Wrocław. These studies covered a wide range of tourism topics, including urban and business tourism, including conference and congress tourism. These studies revealed the needs of both tourists and residents of Wrocław in the realm of tourism.

Research conducted among event participants and organizers in the city allowed us to identify typical behaviors of business tourists. These insights provided valuable information about the preferences and habits of tourists, both in terms of participating in business events and enjoying other tourist attractions during their stay.

One significant aspect of the research was the assessment of Wrocław’s tourism image and the perception of the city’s attractiveness. Surveys conducted among the city’s residents provided valuable insights into what attracts tourists to Wrocław and what the city’s most important assets are.

It’s worth noting that the research also included an evaluation of informational and promotional materials for the city. This shed light on what information is crucial for tourists and which promotional tools are most effective.

What is particularly noteworthy is that this research was financed by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, which represents essential support for the city’s promotional efforts.

After the conclusion of the conference, all participants had the opportunity to take part in a meeting of Wrocław Tourism Organization members. This marked the second edition of this meeting, known as “WROtowe sieciowanie.” The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from Alfred Wagner, the President of the Wrocław Tourism Organization, and Wiola Samborska, the Director of CEE Hydropolis and Marketing.

The main goal of this meeting is to facilitate a deeper understanding of the Wrocław Tourism Organization’s members and inspire collaborative actions. The aim is to share experiences and work together on new events and the promotion of Wrocław.

This unique event allows for closer cooperation within the tourism industry and the generation of new promotional ideas and initiatives. We express our gratitude to Hydropolis for providing its space for this significant event.

The conference and the meeting of Wrocław Tourism Organization members represent a significant step toward better understanding the needs of tourists and city residents, as well as building strong cooperation within the tourism industry. All research results will be available on the Convention Bureau – Wrocław website.

Thanks to initiatives like these, Wrocław not only maintains its position as an attractive tourist destination but also continually evolves and adapts to the changing needs and expectations of tourists.