In 2023, through the planned numerous collaborations with both the Polish Tourism Organization, its Foreign Centers and planned visits, we present mentions in the press and information aimed at promoting Wrocław and the Wrocław Tourism Organisation, as well as its members.

Below are the current promotional activities:

  • in January, Wrocław was promoted in German magazines: Der Spiegel, Stern, Deutsches Arzteverlag, Frakfurter Allgemenine Zeitung;
  • in January, also Wrocław and what is happening in the city were promoted in press publications and Internet content through RASP portals (Fakt, Newsweek, Onet);
  • in March, the USE IT map will be available, which is being prepared in English and in the creation of which the Wrocław Tourism Organisation participated – the electronic version will also be made available on our website;
  • in March, the adversitment in Wiadomości Turystyczne
  • 9.03.2023 Together with ZOPOT Rome Promotion of connections to Wroclaw during the airport workshop “Torino Airport meets travel agencies”. Tourist attractions of the city, accommodation base;
  • May – advertisment in the Gdańsk In Your Pocket quide;
  • 20.05.2023 Odra Day (the whole event 15-21.05.2023);
  • May/June Meeting Together and Separately;
  • May-September – Campaign Wrocław City of Adventure;
  • June – Advertising in the Travel Market supplement – Stay in Poland;
  • June – Advertising in Wysokie Obcasy Extra
  • June/July – advertisment in Business Life Polska – Campaign Wrocław City of Adventure;
  • 9-11.06.2023 Sopot Days, educational and creative workshops promoting the City of Wrocław;
  • 17.06.2023 Ochota for Lower Silesia – Family Picnic- Warsaw;
  • 17.06.2023 Polish Day in Prague, Czech Republic;
  • 2.11.2023 – South Korean Workshop with touroperators – Monopol Hotel Wrocław.