Study visits are the best opportunity to present a destination in the most realistic and magical way possible, which ends with a relationship with the place, which consequently influences the return of visiting individuals or groups. In 2022, we had the opportunity to host the following guests:

  • Israeli journalists visited Wrocław in April 2022 to see key Wrocław attractions, including the Quarter of Mutual Respect.
  • July 2022. WROt received an interesting visit from motorcyclists from Italy, who on their unicycles explored the charms of the region, as well as the capital of Lower Silesia.
  • British television crew Globetrotter TV, which in July was filming its footage for an episode depicting the capital of Lower Silesia as the best place to spend leisure time. A summary of the visit can be found in the article – click here.
  • In August, Wrocław was visited by a group of tour operators from Brazil, who during less than 2 days visited the most interesting Wrocław attractions, while thanks to the established relations we are counting on increased interest from South American groups.
  • A delegation of tour operators, journalists and bloggers from Piedmont, Italy, who during their visit learned not only about the tourist attractiveness of Wrocław, but also about the accommodation and catering facilities for potential groups – their clients. If you are curious how the visit went, click here.
  • Journalists and bloggers from distant Japan had the opportunity to visit top places in both Wrocław and Lower Silesia. This visit was particularly important, as after the pandemic period this country has been opening up to travel again for the longest time, and thanks to press reports describing guests’ impressions, Wrocław is sure to become one of the most interesting choices. Check out where our visitors have been – here.
  • Another visitation from the UK is from representatives of the Love Travelling blog, who, after the visit, prepared posts recommending places to visit by day, depending on how much time tourists have for sightseeing. It must be said that the bloggers wasted no time during their stay and visited numerous Wrocław attractions – see where they were – here.
  • The Christmas atmosphere could be felt by tour operators from Germany and Austria, who came for a visit together with the Travel Projekt company. You can find the entire event here.
  • At the end of the year, Wrocław also hosted a journalist from the German Bild, as well as a film producer, who during his stay was looking for sounds of Wrocław that he could use in a documentary he is filming in early 2023.

Many thanks to all the guests who came! It was a pleasure to host you in Wrocław and we look forward to many returns and further meetings, FEEL INVITED!