During the course of 2023, the Wrocław Tourism Organisation plans to take part in various tourism fairs, both domestic and international. We plan to take part in:


  • III International Tourism Worskhop ALLinTOO organized in Wrocław on 1-2.03.23
  • International Tourism Fair in Wrocław realized at Tarczyn Arena on 3-5.02.23
  • Internationale Tourismus-Börse – ITB Berlin on 7-9.03.23
  • 21-22.04.2023 International Tourism Fair in Zabrze
  • 13-14.05.2023 Travel and Leisure Festival Picnic on the Odra River in Szczecin
  • 17.06.2023 Polish Day in Prague
  • 27-29.10.2023 Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products in Poznań TOUR SALON 2023
  • 22-26.11.2023 International Tourism Fair in Leipzig Touristic&Caravaning Leipzig