Convention Bureau Tourism Promotion Foundation – Wrocław and the Association of Wrocław Tourist Organisation joined forces to conduct tourism research, which serves as a crucial foundation for the development of Wrocław’s tourism strategy until the year 2030. The project was carried out in the year 2023. The research encompassed both urban tourism and business tourism, including conferences and conventions. Its primary objective was to examine the behaviors and needs of tourists and city residents in the context of tourism.

The research was conducted among event participants and organizers in the city in 2023, allowing for the identification of typical behaviors of business tourists, both in terms of their participation in business events and their utilization of other tourist attractions during their stay in the city. As part of the project, research was also conducted on the tourism image of Wrocław, the perception of the city’s attractiveness, the identification of its key tourist assets, and the evaluation of informational and promotional materials of the city, including the symbolism used therein. These surveys were conducted among the city’s residents. Additionally, research was carried out regarding the needs and development barriers of entities within the broader tourism industry and tourism environment (including gastronomy, hotel services, tourism-related services, etc.).

The research was funded by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. The results of these studies are available via the following links (ONLY POLISH LANGUAGE):

Quantitative and qualitative research results – business tourism:

Quantitative Research on Business Tourism in Wrocław

Qualitative Research on Business Tourism – Event Organizers

Recreational and leisure tourism and Wrocław’s tourism image:

Supply-Side Research of Wrocław’s Tourism Offer

Wrocław’s Tourism Image


Funding for tourism tasks 2023 – tourism research.
The value of the funding is PLN 120,000.00.

Contract no: 2023/0059/2276/UDOT/DT/BP of 9 June 2023.