With the beginning of September, we welcomed in Wrocław two visits of international Guests. Both visits took place at the same time. Thanks to excellent cooperation with the Department of City Promotion and Tourism of the City Hall of Wrocław, the schedule of the visits was perfectly tailored to the visitors.

A journalist from Israel and Influencers from Belgium spent two days in Wrocław. Their stay was part of their tour of Lower Silesia for which the Lower Silesian Tourist Organization was responsible.

Influencers from Belgium, who run a travel blog called Het is de Merckx – www.hetisdemerckx.be and are multiple winners of awards for bloggers organized in Belgium – Belgian Travel Blog Awards, were the first to arrive in Wroclaw. They reported on their trip in Lower Silesia on Instagram www.instagram.com/hetisdemerckx

Among the places visited were the Centennial Hall with its multimedia fountain show, the Pavilion of the Four Domes with its fantastic temporary exhibition entitled Rococo Madness! and thanks to a visit to the Depot History Centre in Wrocław, the bloggers had the opportunity to learn about the history of Wrocław and its inhabitants after 1945.

The culinary adventure was the responsibility of the Herbal Hotel, among others, which presented a delicious menu along with a menu of local wines.

The second, and equally important for the promotion of Wrocław, was the visit of a journalist from Israel – Rotem Bar Cohen, who is preparing for the Israeli magazine Haaretz, a series of articles about various cities entitled “The city of Wrocław”. 36H in …. During our stay in Wrocław, in addition to the obligatory visit to the city center, there was an opportunity to present the natural part of the city, the area around the Centennial Hall Complex. During a several-hour walk, we were able to visit the Japanese Garden, Szczytnicki Park with the Church of Nepomucen, as well as the exemplary modernist WuWA housing estate. Our guests also had the opportunity to test the culinary virtues of our city, including by tasting dishes at the Tarasowa Restaurant located in the Wrocław Congress Center.

All our guests left satisfied and full of inspiration, we are now waiting for the results of our collaborations!