The latest issue of All Inclusive magazine features an extensive article describing the possibilities of both the region and its capital, Wrocław, and is an excellent answer to the question – how interestingly you can spend your time with us!

In the prepared article, you can read why it is worth coming to Wrocław and Lower Silesia for a weekend as a tourist destination. The authors took into account, among other things, the natural, cultural, historical, educational, as well as sports and recreational aspects of possible activities. One idea of how to actively spend time in the city is to take advantage of the recreational charms of the Odra River, which flows through Wrocław.

The authors also emphasized why Wrocław is a meeting place – listing both the historically important conference and congress events, as well as those that are planned for the near future.

Reading the article, one can also find numerous recommendations of places to visit in Lower Silesia, which have already become top attractions in this part of Poland.

We encourage you to read the article and visit Wrocław and Lower Silesia!