The greatest adventure of this decade. Unforgettable impressions and emotions straight out of “The da Vinci Code” and “Indiana Jones”. And all shrouded in the legend of the mysterious sarcophagus of Peter Vlostovich and the treasure hidden in it.

Where can you experience this? In Wrocław, of course! Today in Warsaw, the capital of Lower Silesia announced the launch of the latest tourist campaign “Wrocław City of Adventure”.

This is a new project to further encourage and attract tourists to the “City of a Hundred Bridges.” The carefully prepared campaign will allow visitors to Wrocław to discover the charms of this unique city step by step.

– 5.8 million tourists visited Wrocław in 2022. We are an attractive destination for tourists from Poland and beyond. We, however, do not want to stop there. By showing Wrocław as a “City of Adventure” we hope that the next visitors will feel the unique atmosphere of this city, wonderful corners and life, which exists from morning to evening. Certainly, Wrocław is an endless adventure! – encourages to visit Wrocław Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wrocław.

Numbers and statistics in this regard do not lie. Among the biggest attractions of Wrocław, one can mention the Afrykarium in the Wrocław Zoo – one of the biggest tourist attractions in Poland, which was visited by nearly 5.5 million tourists in 2019-2022. Wrocław’s high attractiveness as a tourist destination is also evidenced by Wrocław Airport’s numbers. The total number of passengers arriving in 2022 was about 1.3 million. Last year also saw the launch of more flight connections, including to Porto, and all air traffic (arrivals and departures) reached nearly 3 million – 100 percent more than in 2021! In turn, for example, the Wrocław Aquapark saw 2 million customers in 2022.

The “Wrocław is a city of adventure” campaign was launched with a special spot featuring popular actors, including Polish cinema and theater star Daniel Olbrychski. During the video we are transported to the most popular places in the city – the Centennial Hall, the National Forum of Music, Dunikowski Boulevards, Wrocław Market Square. As part of the campaign, the city will promote its offer in Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Katowice, Lodz, Gdansk and Szczecin with a spot screened on 170 cinema screens, in all the aforementioned cities, an outdoor campaign on at least 260 carriers (in the same cities) and in the Internet space.

We asked people associated with the city and the campaign why it is the capital of Lower Silesia that should be included in one’s holiday calendar. Stars of Polish cinema and literature, Daniel Olbrychski and Marek Krajewski, are happy to comment on the initiative.

Daniel Olbrychski: “Wrocław? These are beautiful memories that have lasted for nearly 60 years! Friendships, work memories, but at the same time, every year, especially recently, more and more admiration for a city that has changed so much over the years – for the better!”

Marek Krajewski, author of bestselling crime novels set in Wrocław, also emphasizes the uniqueness of the city:

“As an author of crime novels set in Wrocław, I know that this city has a lot to offer both in terms of history and adventure. This campaign shows the full experience that awaits anyone who visits Wrocław. It’s worth getting caught up in this adventure and getting to know the city from a whole new perspective.”

The tourism campaign will run from May to September this year. Its cost is more than 400 thousand zlotys, and its partners are the Wrocław Tourism Organisation, the Wrocław Zoo, Aquapark Wrocław and the National Museum in Wrocław.

The city is calling you. For adventure. See you in Wrocław!