The City of Gingerbread is more than one and a half tons of spicy dough, a gingerbread town hall, church, zoo, Baba Yaga’s house, train station, mill and hundreds of gingerbread huts. The Gingerbread City will be inhabited by sugar figurines of fairy tale characters created by World Champion in Cake Decorating – Jowita Woszczynska. The festive smell spreading around is the result of using 200 kilograms of honey and 50 kilograms of spices. The town is covered with a sweet feather of icing, for which modelers used 421 eggs, 210 lemons and 465 kilograms of powdered sugar. These ingredients were used to create a town of 100 square meters.
Gingerbread in the Gingerbread City is an artisanal product, made with the utmost care, hand-decorated with colorful icing.

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