The idea for the festival came from the need to promote Jazz music in the urban space of Wroclaw. We want to reach as many places as possible, so we do not focus on one point, and together with the music we “travel” around Wroclaw, infecting everyone with our affection and love for Jazz. Festival Vertigo is an attempt to break the “closed” forms of Jazz music and show it to a wide audience. It is a promotion of both interesting places in Wroclaw and great Wroclaw musicians. As part of the festival, we want to organize almost 40 concerts this year. Characteristics of the Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival is an opportunity to meet jazz in a wide variety of locations. The music will appear on beaches, rooftops, transportation, hotels and parks. Concerts each week will also be held at the Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant and on the Dali Island in Wroclaw.

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