Dear all,

Within the framework of this project on inclusivity in tourism, we managed to implement training for 2 target groups related to the tourism industry and for staff working in tourism, i.e. hotels, event venues, tourist attractions, serving groups of pilots and city guides, etc.

The long and intensive training was divided according to the target groups in terms of topics, ie:

1. various forms of accessibility and here we have 4 sections on:

– digital accessibility,

– Architectural accessibility,

– Communication and information accessibility,

– alternative access, accessibility of events

– in addition, text on the use of the premises and the possibility of using the Co-op.

2. serving people with disabilities and here we also have 4 sections on cooperation with:

– blind/visually impaired persons,

– persons who are deaf,

– persons with motor disabilities,

– people with mental illnesses

– in addition, text about the use of the premises and the possibility of using the Co-op.

Below we publish the brochures corresponding to the two training courses, which are publicly available and were designed to gather practical and helpful information for you in one place. These documents were also created for accessibility. Feel free to download (IN POLISH)!

Dokument nr 1 Różne formy dostępności

Dokument nr 2 Obsługa osób z niepełnosprawnościami