The day of 8 March at the Wrocław Tourism Organisation went down in history not only as Women’s Day, but also as a day of training on inclusivity in tourism, the aim of which was to communicate the most important accessibility issues to the Organisation’s members, representing various segments of local tourism.

The training began with a welcome from the President of WROt Alfred Wagner, a representative of the event’s host, Wrocław Business Academy, Ms Katarzyna Gryboś, and the Director of the Wrocław bez Barier Office, Dominik Golema, who introduced us to the topic of the event. The entire training was conducted by Marta Gawryluk, representing the Eudajmonia Foundation, which specialises in accessibility issues. The event was rich not only in content, numerous discussions and questions, but also the practical part, which included the opportunity to feel like a person with special needs through, among other things, the use of virtual reality or by the classic covering of the eyes, which imitated one of the disabilities. Participants were able to see in practice what people with different disabilities have to deal with on a daily basis, which further enhanced their understanding of the situation, as well as the much-needed empathy.

At the end of the event, each participant received a certificate confirming the acquisition of new competences. We would like to sincerely thank the members of our Organisation for their participation in the event and their openness to knowledge and willingness to learn more about this tourism potential which is tourism with special needs! As an Association, we will continue to work in this direction.