Non-governmental organizations

Polska górom! Fundation

The Polska górom! Fundation promotes responsible tourism in our region: we organise tours, create educational outdoor games for smartphones, design maps and help clean up the forests!

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Ossoliński National Institute

Ossoliński National Institute is one of the most important cultural institutions in Poland, functioning continuously for over 200 years.

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Dolnośląska Izba Turystyki

The Lower Silesian Chamber of Tourism  associates 98 members, including travel agencies,  hotels, guesthouses, carriers, language schools, tourist bookstores and catering companies.

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Convention Bureau – Wrocław

The Foundation for the Promotion of Tourism – Convention Bureau – Wroclaw started its activities in 2002, and from the beginning of its operation its main goal is to promote Wroclaw on int...

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